Delivery Door Replacement & Coil Cap Installation (Model 3589)




Follow these steps to replace the delivery door and add coil caps in your Model 3589 vending machine. You will need your parts kit that includes 2 beveled gaskets, a new door, Rivets and coil caps.

You will also need to procure a Rivet Gun, a ⅛ inch drill bit.


First remove and discard the old beveled gasket from the top of the door hinge, 


Next, take the ⅛ drill bit and puncture the 5 rivets in place at the top of the delivery door hinge. Press into the rivets but do not drill too far and break through the material behind the rivets and the machine door. Now remove the delivery door.


Place the new door with the rounded corners in place like so. Grab 5 new Rivets and secure them in place with a rivet gun where the previous ones were. 

Now take a beveled gasket, remove the backing and place it on the top hinge like so, covering up the rivets . The thin side of the foam padding should be at the top, pointing up. Add the other beveled gasket at the bottom part of the hinge should be placed here, pointing down.. 


Now we will add coil caps to the drink selections. Place them on the edge of the coil and twist them up onto the coil. This piece will prevent any cans or bottles from being punctured by the coil. Place a coil cap on all your drink selections. 



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