Double Vending



This article covers what to do when your machine is vending multiple products due to the I-vend sensor issue


Customer's money was taken but a product did not vend

A product vends successfully, then another product falls- the machine says make another selection

Your iVend may be misaligned or need replaced

CLOSE THE DOOR: Make sure your product passes through the iVend sensors and into the delivery bin. The machine will vending another product if the door is not closed and the product does not pass through the iVend sensors.

This machine has 2 iVend sensors - one in the door and one on the bottom of your refrigerator. If it's working properly you should see a solid red light in the middle of the I-vend board. If the sensor is misaligned or needs replaced you will see a flashing red light on the I-vend board. 


20220412_102027.jpg                  20220412_102037.jpg









If you've determined you need to replace the I-vend sensors then a good idea to prevent multiple products falling is to turn off optics in your setting. This will make the coil spin only once when someone makes a selection - the machine will not look for the I-vend sensor. 

After you receive and install your new I-vend sensor you will need to turn the optics back on.

Press the Service Mode button then 3, 6, 3. Press 3 until you see "ALLy" if you want optics on. If you want optics turned off press 3 until the display shows "ALLn". Press # to save. Press * several times to exit service mode. 

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