Flex to GVC Temperature Settings Chart

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This article shows you a temperature settings chart comparing Flex and GVC temperature settings and which temperature sensors are used for those settings.
When comparing temperature settings between both boards,  the setting name may be called something different even if they are using the same sensor. 
The difference between a single-zone (SZ) and dual-zone (DZ) machine is the barrier between the top and bottom trays.



Flex to GVC Temp Settings Chart

Machine Type Flex GVC Temp Sensors
Snack Ambient Snack None
Alpine, combo, elevator Cold Food Cold Food T1
MZF All Cold Food SZ Cold Food SZ Cold T2, T3
Delmonte DZ Cold Food Dual Zone W/ HTR T1, T2
MZF All Frozen SZ Frozen SZ Frozen T2, T3
Combi, Multizone DZ Frozen MZF T1, T2, T3
CB, Futura Cold (has relay 2)  Cold    T1



T3 = Temperature sensor located to the right of the top tray (Upper zone).

T1= Temperature sensor located to the right of the middle tray under the zone barrier (Lower zone). 

T2 =  Temperature sensor located on the evaporator coil in the refer or cooling deck.

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