Flex Snack Control Board Replacement

Watch Flex Snack Control Board Replacement Video Tutorial


Follow these steps to replace your control board in your Model 3605 and Model 3606 vending machines.


First, open the door and make sure your machine is powered off.


Take a picture of all the connections so you will know where to reconnect the wires and harnesses.


Next unplug everything from the control board.


To remove the board from the standoffs, use pliers to squeeze the standoff pins together so you can push the board away from the standoffs. The board is attached to 4 standoffs it needs to be disconnected from in order to remove.  


Place the new control board behind the wires and onto the standoffs and push it on until you hear it click into place.


Now reattach the connections. Refer to the picture you took earlier to know where each connection goes.


Here is the power connector up here.

It’s very important these 3 wires are be placed in the correct spot. They are for the DEX, Touch Screen and elevator.

Here is the MDB and Door switch connectors.

If the DEX, Touch Screen and elevator wires are not properly connected to the control board you will see the touch screen remain on this screen.


Next turn the machine on, enter service mode and do a motor count.

Set correct prices and make sure correct motors are paired.

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