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This article covers what to do when your machine is vending multiple products due to the I-vend sensor issue.

These are the common symptoms when your I-vend sensors are misaligned or need replaced.

-A product vends successfully then another product falls. The machine then says make another selection.

-Your money was taken but a product did not vend.

CLOSE THE DOOR: Make sure your product passes through the iVend sensors and into the delivery bin. The machine will vending another product if the door is not closed and the product does not pass through the iVend sensors.

Make sure that the harness is plugged in at the control board on the top left.





Your I-vend sensor is located on both sides of your delivery bucket. If it's working properly you should see a solid red light in the middle of the I-vend board. If the sensor is misaligned or needs replaced you will see a flashing red light on the I-vend board. 








Go into Service Mode, Shut the door, Press 2 (Motor Count), Press 8 then make a selection. If two products fall that means your I-vend did not detect the product falling which means you need to replace the I-vend sensor. 


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