Double Vending


This article covers what to do when your machine gives you more than one product, also known as double vending. 

The machine drops 2 or more products then says Make Another Selection.

The machine may also take your money without a product vending.

The machine vends more than one product at a time.

CLOSE THE DOOR: Make sure your product passes through the iVend sensors and into the delivery bin. The machine will vending another product if the door is not closed and the product does not pass through the iVend sensors.



Drop sensors detect vibrations when a product has fallen onto the drop pan or the Hopper Weld seen below.




Here's the actual drop sensor which is screwed to the bottom of the hopper. You will need to replace the drop sensor if you have taken other troubleshooting steps and have determined that control board settings are not the cause of multiple products vending. 







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  • The drop sensor is poorly attached and fell off after the four nuts vibrated loose after three years of service.  You will not know the sensor bracket is loosening unless you look for it or the machine starts malfunctioning.


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