Bills Not Accepted


This article covers what to do when your bills are not being accepted
Bills are "spit" back out
You may need to teach your validator to accept more denominations
This will also teach you how to replace your bill validator 



Bills will not be accepted until you load 30 nickels, dimes, quarters, and dollar coins into your coin mech. To load them properly press the service mode button then press #1 on your keypad. Your display will show "1.oo." Start dropping your coins into the coin slot and you'll see the display will count how much you're entering. After loading all of your coins press the star (*) button twice. The two green arrows will start flashing which indicates your validator is ready to take bills. 


***If you have a Evoke 3600 series you do not need to go into Service Mode 1 - just load coins into the coin cassette manually.


Programming the bill validator so it will accept other bills:



Clearing bill jams:



Replacing your bill validator:






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