Refrigeration Troubleshooting Machine Not Cooling (Model 3576)


This article covers what to do when your machine is not keeping cool due to control board issues and programming, temperature sensor issues, and evaporator fan not turning on.


Possible reasons:


Control board is not programmed to correct setting.

Press the Service Mode button located on your control board and press the following buttons on the outside keypad.



  • 4
  • 0 If you’re asked for a password press 2314. Otherwise, continue pressing the following.
  • 7 If you need to change the setting press 7 several times until you reach (COLD, COLD FOOD, SNACK, etc.)      If your machine is not a frozen machine, select COLD FOOD.  If your machine is a frozen single zone machine, select SZ Frozen. If your frozen machine is a multi-zone frozen select MZF.
  • Press the # button to save.


Evaporator fan is not turning on.

Accompanying symptom: Evaporator coil is iced over.


Cause of evaporator fan not turning on:

  • Relay needs replaced.
  • Loose or unplugged wires in power box.
  • Power supply in power box is loose.

Temperature sensor needs to be replaced.

If your control board is in the correct temperature setting check your setpoint first.


Press the Service Mode button located on your control board and press the following buttons on the outside keypad.



  • 3
  • 8 You will see the current setpoint. If you need to change it press 8 to increase.
  • Press the # button to save.


If your setpoint is correct check the temperature accuracy by placing a thermometer by the temperature sensor to make sure they match. If they do not match replace the temperature sensor.


Control board needs to be replaced.

If you have checked the above, you must replace your control board.

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