Using a BluKey Pay Range device with a Greenlite Card Reader


DIY/How To
How to switch Pay Range / BluKey Device to MDB 2 for Greenlite Card Readers
If using a Pay Range device with a Greenlite Card reader - Settings and connections
Connect Blue Key directly to MDB extension harness off of the GVC Control board - Connect the Card reader to the 1-MDB connection - Followed by the Bill acceptor then followed by the Coin Mech
Follow the below instructions to set the Pay Range to MDB2 Mode

Switching BluKey modes
1. Set BluKey into “MDB” modes
a. Power off the machine
b. Press and hold BluKey button, power On machine while holding the button
c. Release the button after 3 seconds once machine is powered On
d. Press the button briefly to change modes:
i. Single Red Flash is MDB1 (Default setting)
ii. Two Red Flashes is MDB2
e. Power Off machine and power ON machine to accept settings
f. Check that BluKey LED turns solid blue


This will allow the card reader to work properly

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