This article covers Elevator Diagnostic Error Codes Causes and Possible Solutions

Elevator Out of Service Error
First Troubleshooting should always be a motor count and close of door to see if resolved
Applies to Models 3561 3563 3629 3630
Elevator Diagnostic Codes
Code Title Description
ELF1 Elevator Position Vend (EPVD) failed Failed to get to the Vend position following a position Vend command
ELF2 Lock switch 1 and 2 both high (Invalid Condition) Logically both slide switches can never be operated at the same time
ELF3 Baffle close (EBCL) failed to complete Failed to close the security baffle following a 'close baffle' command
ELF4 Baffle open (EBOP) failed to complete  Failed to open the security baffle following an 'open baffle' command
ELF5 Elevator Position Standby (EPSB) failed Failed to get to the Standby position following a 'Position Standby' command
ELF6 Elevator Shelf Position (ESELx) failed Failed to get to the required shelf position following a position shelf command
ELF7 Motor fails to move  No motor movement for a period of 1 second, as determined by the dual encoder signals
ELF8xy Shelf number mismatch  A mismatch of shelf numbers between the VMC controller & Elevator controller after a reset sequence (ERST) e.g. EFL8-04_05 = 4 shelves were identified by the Elevator controller when it was told there are 5.  Both numbers will always be 2 digit. EFL8-00_05, would mean no shelves were identified which would indicate there is a sensor or wiring failure.
EFL9  Delivery Door opened unexpectedly Should the delivery door be opened outside of a vend cycle the elevator will be immediately be sent to the 'Vend' position and an ELF9 will be reported. The VMC controller will then issue a go to Standby command once the delivery door has been closed.
ELF98 Command out of Sequence Will be returned as part of the elevator status reply if any other command is issued other than a 'Reset' or 'Position Standby' command at power-up.
EFL99 At top limit switch. Will be returned as part of the elevator status reply if a command is issued if the elevator is stationary at the top limit for any reason
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