Software Update (Flex Keypad)

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This article gives you detailed steps to update your machine that has a Flex control board and keypad.
You must download the files from Dropbox exactly as it's shown here or it will not take.
After updating your software, the machine will go say Temporarily Out of Service until you follow all direction on this page.
After the update, the LED's will turn off when the door is open.
Current Software as of 5/24/22



Go HERE and click Download. 




Go to your Download folder, right click on it and press Extract All




Click Browse, select the thumb drive, press Select Folder, and then Extract. 


Right click on your thumb drive and press Eject. Unplug the thumb drive from your computer. 


Shut your machine off and plug in the thumb drives.



Turn the power switch on. The screen will show data transfer in progress for a few minutes.  After the software update is complete, the machine will be temporarily out of service.


20220503_151456.jpg                   20220503_151627.jpg


Press the service mode button and go to System Updates then press Reset All Settings. 


20220503_151321.jpg            20220503_151328.jpg


Enter the password 2314 #




Go back to the main Service Mode menu and press Help followed by About.


20220503_152029.jpg            20220503_152033.jpg


If the update was successful Control Board SW Version will be 5075.




Go back to the main service mode screen and run motor count.



20220503_151825.jpg           20220503_151849.jpg


Go to Refrigeration and make sure Cold Food is selected, then check Health Safety. Press the selections that hold perishable items so they're highlighted in blue and press save. 


20220503_151900.jpg         20220503_151905.jpg




Go to Configuration and pair your motors.


20220503_151938.jpg         20220503_151958.jpg


20220503_151955.jpg           20220503_151958.jpg


Set Prices




Exit to Vend Mode and wait for data to transfer successfully. 


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