Greenlite Devices - How to tell the Cellular Carrier

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How to Tell the Cellular Carrier on a Seed or ePort device


Which carrier is stronger in your area
AT&T or Verizon - Both are now 4G
Seed Devices or ePort Devices


Seed Devices - Orange boxes - 2 letters after the word Solo

D* = AT&T LTE 4G

B* = Verizon 2G - This service is no longer available


Eport G10 Devices - Serial numbers start with

VJ31 = AT&T

VJ30 = Verizon


Eport G11 Devices - Serial numbers start with

VK2* = AT&T

VK1* = Verizon


Engage Devices - Serial numbers start with

K3CT4* (Engage), K3CT2(Combo) = Verizon

K3CT3* (Engage), K3CT1 (Combo) = AT&T

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